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Welcome to the Bougie Syrups blog—you have now taken the first step to life in a Bougie world. Through this blog, we hope to educate and entertain you in the enormous, and sometimes overwhelming, world of beverage and all things Bougie.

Our posts will cover topics like: fermentation, distillation, classic and contemporary cocktails, tequila, whisk(e)y, vodka, soju, raicilla, brandy, amari, gin, rum/rhum, soda, mezcal, liqueurs, tonic, sake, beer, wine, fashion, bartender profiles, bar programs and restaurants, tattoos, bar tools, and many other fun and interesting tidbits. In the future, watch for video blogs with cocktail techniques and instruction.


But first, let’s share a little bit about us, The Bougie Barkeeps...

Glenn Pollak was raised in Colorado Springs, CO before making the trek north to “happy town” (Boulder) for school at the University of Colorado where he also spent time as a volunteer fire fighter. Glenn has introductory certifications with the Court of Master Sommeliers as well as the Cicerone Certification Program and is certified Bar Ready by the Beverage Alcohol Resource.

Patrick Noel is originally from Indiana and took to service like a duck to water. Patrick studied philosophy at Wake Forest and even spent time on the campaign trail with [ ]. You can find Patrick’s influence on beverage programs throughout Boulder. Patrick has introductory certifications with both the Court of Master Sommeliers, and BarSmarts.


In our next post, we’ll be discussing fermentation.

– Cheers

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